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Terrazzo Installation

Terrazzo is Italian for Terrace. In the 16th Century workers in Italy would use leftover marble pieces from projects and place them in clay then grind them for a smooth walking surface. Terrazzo is made by exposing aggregates on the surface of concrete or epoxy resin by grinding the surface. It can be poured in place or precast. Floors, stair treads, stair risers, stair landings and base can all receive a Terrazzo finish. There are multiple types of terrazzo; Epoxy Terrazzo, Polyacrylate Terrazzo, Sand Cushion Terrazzo, Bonded Terrazzo, Monolithic Terrazzo, Rustic Terrazzo, Palladiana Terrazzo, Venetian Terrazzo, and Large Aggregate Terrazzo. There is even Terrazzo Tile. The color spectrum with Epoxy Terrazzo gives you endless options. Aggregates in Terrazzo range in every imaginable size but it depends on which type of Terrazzo you are looking for. There are many types of aggregates; the most common being marble along with granite, porcelain, glass, mother of pearl, mirror, and other recycled products. You will not find a product that has this long of a life cycle for the price, it just simply does not exist. The combination of its unique beauty, durability and low maintenance makes it ideal in the commercial industry. When cared for, by properly cleaning, your Terrazzo will last you hundreds of years. If those are not big enough pros Terrazzo is also eco-friendly. Terrazzo is a beautiful art. If you have existing Terrazzo that needs some life brought back to it, we offer repairs and refinishing as well. This will make your surface shine like new again while keeping the historic look. CSM Tile Co. Inc. is an NTMA member which holds us to the highest of standards and gives us access to information and educational events that other companies cannot access.

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– J. Joseph Hanss

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